November 1

Henry Morgentaler pleaded not guilty to committing seven abortions in his free standing Halifax “clinic.” He violated a Nova Scotia law restricting the killing of the unborn to hospitals only. A provincial court judge set March 5 for trial.

The next day the abortionist committed six more abortions. Media coverage was national in scope.

November 3

The Nova Scotia government applied for an injunction to close down Morgentaler’s abortuary. Meanwhile the abortionist explained that he was used to opposition. “But on the whole,” he said, “people here have been very polite, but there is a hard core of fanatics who are opposed to all abortions, just like we saw in Toronto and Montreal. (Globe, November 3)

One the same day Dr. William Deagle, a family doctor lodged a request with the provincial medical board asking for an investigation of the “clinic.” The “clinic” has not been inspected, he noted nor have Morgentaler’s procedures been examined.

November 6

The Supreme Court of Nova Scotia issued an injunction prohibiting Henry Morgentaler from performing abortions at his Halifax “clinic” until charges are against him heard in court in March 1990.