MP John Nunziata (York South-Weston) has charged that Liberals for Life are subverting the democratic process in the party and using the pro-life issue to further their own political ambitions. He has accused them of blackmailing prospective candidates for party positions and riding nominations.

Mr. Nunziata also demanded that Liberal Leader John Chrétien should stop “accommodating the group within the party. If our system is such that a single-issue group can take over,” he added, “then the rules have to be changed to stop that nonsense.”

But in response, Dan McCash, national co-coordinator of Liberals for Life, stated that his group was like any other within the party. “We are joining the party, we are involved with the party, we are planning policy, we are going to conventions and we are stating our positions.”

A member of a pro-life organization who asked not to be named claimed that Mr. Nunziata actions were “the result of sour grapes over not getting support at the June 1990 Liberal leadership convention.”

Liberals for Life backed Scarborough, Ontario, MP Tom Wappel for the leadership and not John Nunziata.