Over a year ago, the Ontario Minister of Health set up a “Task Group” to make proposals regarding changes in the health policy of the provincial government.

One proposal is that all hospitals with obstetrical and gynecological services perform abortions. Presumably, the price of refusal would be the loss of government assistance.

This appears to me to be directed at the Catholic hospitals which cannot—if they are to remain Catholic—agree to murder babies.  I believe the Grace Hospital run the Salvation Army will not take this shocking insult to their profession lying down.

Another of the recommendations would pressure all doctors and nurses, regardless of their personal views, to make abortion referrals. Is this Democracy?

In 1999 alone 41,500 babies were murdered by abortion in Ontario.  Can the reader imagine forty-one thousand dead babies? Do Ontario realize that this province is responsible for at least half the abortions in Canada:  22 percent above the national average?

I sincerely hope that the doctors and nurses will not take this shocking insult to their profession lying down. While we know that there are unfortunately, many doctors—and nurses who are actively pro-abortion, there are any who are not.  Apparently, the Minister of “Health” is very annoyed that there are not one physician in Kitchener-Waterloo who will perform abortions. She is also aggravated because less than 1 percent of the practicing physicians working in Ontario kill babies. This means less than 1 percent of 10,068. I am told that in actual fact the number of family physicians in the province who perform abortions is 39.  Most of the abortions are done in hospitals.  I suggest that the doctors—even those who are pro-abortion—stand together and refuse to be bullied in their profession by so-called democratic government.

It is just possible that referring doctors or nurses might safe their consciences by convincing themselves that they are not guilty because they do not participate in an actual abortion. In my opinion, he or she is just as guilty as the person who hands a gun to another saying, “I don’t want to pull the trigger.  You please do.” As far as I know, in law, the person who co-operates in a murder is also guilty of the crime.  Why would it not apply to the murder of a baby?

I can’t say I felt dismayed on seeing some of the headlines in the Daily Star

of Thursday, January 28, such as “Growing unhappiness and disillusionment with Party.”  NDP hero dismayed with Rae’s reign. Labour loses faith in NDP.  But what worries me is that nobody except active pro-life people see the abortion policy of NDP as a threat not only to the province but to the entire country.  I am not only thinking of the loss of population, which is a serious consideration but of the moral collapse of our society, which is being accelerated on its downward path by the current government policy.

What can you do about it?

An excellent leaflet, produced by Campaign Life Coalition, makes several suggestions.    I think the most important is, “Write to the Minister of Health.”  Address your letter to the Minister of Health, Legislative Assembly, Queens Park, Toronto, Ontario. It does need a stamp.

You do not need to write a long letter explaining the evils of abortion. A smiple five-line statement is sufficient.  State that you’re in total disagreement with this pro-abortion policy, and that neither nor the party will have your support if that policy persists

There are many people who, for personal or family reasons, cannot see their way to picket or take part in a rescue.  But everybody can write a letter.  It takes about five minutes and costs 43 cents (plus G.S.T.) Please do it NOW!  If the Minister receives 5 letters, she will not be worried.  If she received twenty-five, she will begin to take notice.  But if she receives five hundred, the entire provincial government will sit up and take notice

I am sometimes tempted to believe that the greatest enemies of the unborn child are not the pro-abortionists but those who are pro-life in heart but not in action.  More than two hundred years ago at Irish Parliamentarian named Edmund Burke made the famous statement in the British House or Commons: “The only thing evil needs in order to flourish is that good men (and I add ‘good women’) do nothing.” The weeds will grow in your garden without any watering. The roses and lilies will fade and die.