– U.S. Attorney-General Janet Reno has announced the formation of another federal task force to probe “anti-abortion violence,” despite the fact that a similar effort a few years ago failed to find evidence of a planned, co-ordinated campaign against the abortion industry (see this month’s U.S. Digest for more details).

– Evidence has been found in the area around Slepian’s home that could be linked to his murder. Items, possibly including human hair, were found on and around a tree and will be tested for DNA. Authorities say the shooter may have used the tree to steady himself when firing.

– Hamilton police Inspector Dave Bowen said the task force investigating the sniper attacks needs another $600,000 to properly carry on its work.

– One of two men sought by the FBI for questioning about the Slepian murder has been interviewed and released. Ronald Stauber and Michael Gingrich were not considered suspects in the shooting, but were seen at Slepian’s home the day after he was killed. Police would not say which of the two was questioned. Stauber and Gingrich are connected with Refuse and Resist, a pro-abortion group.

– Paul Moskal, a spokesman for the FBI in Buffalo, said police are doing “dozens, if not hundreds, of interviews a day” in connection with the sniper probe. Hundreds of investigators in Canada and the U.S. are said to be on the case.

– Police wouldn’t comment on whether the handwriting on an affidavit by Kopp several years ago in Vermont matches the handwriting contained in the packages sent to the Hamilton Spectator. “We’re not going to talk about the investigation,” said Winnipeg police Inspector Keith McCaskill, a police task force spokesperson.