In Canada, the Mulroney government has increased the annual subsidies for Planned Parenthood overseas by annual grants between seven and eight million dollars. (In 1988 the grant was $7,121,000.)

PP’s policies overseas, needless to say, carry the same anti-familly7, anti-child message as those at home.

The Canadian government also subsidizes other agencies with policies similar to Planned Parenthood’s.

In August, the Canadian International Development Agency 9CIDA) announced it will provide $11 million over five years to the Canadian Public Health Association (CPHA), the Canadian Society for International development programs of McMaster University and the University of Manitoba to support African AIDS prevention groups.

AIDS has wrought vast destruction in central and southern Africa because of disintegrating moral standards. But the Canadian agencies won’t do anything about that. “The fibers of the simple economies are crumbling,” said CPHA president Frances Perkins. The Canadian organizations; task will be find ways of helping them find innovative approaches for their own circumstances.

“We are not going to preach,” added Monique Landry, the minister responsible for CICA.

However, “preaching” is PP’s overall purpose. So the Minister must have been referring to “preaching chastity and abstinence.”


Planned Parenthood Canada has the status of a charitable organization. Despite this, PP is active politically, especially on such issues as abortion.

In theory, charitable organize ions and those funded by taxpayers’ money, are not supposed to be active political advocacy groups. In practice, this ends up applying only to pro-family and pro-life groups. On the other hand, PP and the YW:CA, another such charitable group, are free to agitate for abortion on demand, the protection of homosexual activity, the promotion of condoms, and amoral sex education programs and policies.

Other ministries, such as National Health and Welfare under Minister Perrin Beatty, also subsidize this anti-family organization. In 1989, National Health and Welfare, for example, subsidized PP Canada to the tune of $264,000 in order to start a resource centre for the promotion of its philosophy on “reproductive health and sexuality.”

In addition to the federal grants of one kind or another, PP national and provincial offices, as well as their 47 affiliated local offices, receive large sums of money from provincial and municipal sources. Recently the Nova Scotia government gave the local PP organization$120,000 under the title of Health and Fitness.