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Halifax Daily News reports that Susan Wedlake, registrar of the Nova Scotia College of Pharmacists made it known that the College is seeking legal approval for pharmacists to dispense the abortifacient morning-after pill directly without a physician’s prescription. However, in an encouraging sign, conscientious pharmacists and Catholic church leaders in the province are in vocal opposition to the move.

Noel MacDonald, a pharmacist in the province told the press, “I’m a mother, and I’m a pharmacist, and I have a lot of concerns about it. I don’t know very many parents who wouldn’t be concerned that someone’s going to be giving synthetic hormones to their children without their knowledge and consent, and without the knowledge and consent of their family physician. No one will know.” She continued: “The pill can cause migraines, vomiting and possibly hemorrhaging.”

The archbishop of Halifax, Terry Prendergast, and former Antigonish bishop Colin Campbell have written to the provincial Health Department asking it not to allow the practice. Moreover, Marilyn Sweet, spokeswoman for the Archdiocese of Halifax, clearly spelled out that the pills are abortifacient. It “is intended to abort children at the very first stage of life,” she said.