Most Canadians believe that the cost of an abortion must be covered by provincial health care systems. However, there is no legal basis for that argument. The Canada Health Act requires that province must fund only medically necessary procedures. The act does not mention any specific services, including abortion. Neither pro-abortionists nor the government has ever proved that abortion is a medical necessity.

In fact, when Gary Breitkreuz, a pro-life MP, submitted a request for proof that abortions were medically necessary, he received the following response from Health Canada:

“This is further to your request under the Access to Information Act, dated August 1, 200, for: Documents, reports and correspondence in the department that provide evidence that abortions are “medically necessary”. I regret to inform you that after a thorough search of all likely record holdings, departmental officials have confirmed that they have no records relevant to your request.”

Even pro-abortionists admit that the vast majority of abortions are not for health reasons. The Canadian Abortion Rights Action League (CARAL) president, Marilyn Wilson, told a Commons Finance Committee on October 31, 2001, that women seek abortions “for socio-economic reasons. Sometimes it is a desire to complete their education and become financially independent. In many cases, couples with children wish to restrict their family size in order to provide adequate financial support.”