On March 14 Henry Morgentaler warned that a return to power by the Liberals in Quebec might put an end to abortion clinics.  He said he had “qualms” about a Liberal victory.


After addressing more than 500 members of Quebec’s largest medical union, the 92,000-strong Federation of Social Affairs (affiliated with the Confederation of National Trade Unions), he told reporters that the right to abortion in Quebec rests solely “on the fact that the Attorney-General (of the Péquiste government) has decided not to enforce the law.”  “If there is a change in government, they could conceivably decide again to try doctors for performing abortions.  We have to be vigilant …”

In 1976 Morgentaler was about to be charged once more by the Attorney-General of the Bourassa government when the PQ attained power and halted further prosecution.  Since that time the Quebec government has encouraged “health” clinics to offer abortion facilities because many hospitals in Quebec have refused to set up abortion committees.


Outside Quebec, Morgentaler has frequently recommended the NDP as the political party for those who, like himself, are “enlightened” enough to promote the right to abortion.  The NDP supports abortion on demand.  Canada’s leading abortionist dismissed pledges by Quebec pro-life activists to make abortion an issue in the next election, expected later this year or early next year.  He called them “a very small, fanatical minority.”


For a number of weeks, about 50 pro-life demonstrators have arranged Saturday protests outside the Montreal office of the Professional Corporation of Physicians of Quebec.  Meanwhile, the delegates to the four-day union conference gave Morgentaler three standing ovations as he vowed to keep fighting got the “fundamental right” of women to choose abortion.