Father Carl Matthews will step down as editor of The Catholic Register February 28 at the request of Archbishop Aloysius Ambrozic.

Matthews published his letter of resignation in the January 30 edition of Canada’s national Catholic weekly.  In the letter he states he was asked to resign because of the “poor judgement” he showed in urging readers to vote ‘yes’ in the national referendum.

“I apologize profusely for embarrassing Your Grace with this week’s (Oct. 24) editorial,” the letter said.  The resignation was not made public until the January 30 edition.

At press time, there was no indication who will succeed him as editor.

Under Fr. Matthews, The Register was a consistent defender of the rights of all human beings from the moment of conception to natural death.  The paper was also a strong advocate for distressed pregnant women, the handicapped and the terminally ill.

The paper was in opposition to Bill C-43 which many pro-life leaders saw as pro-abortion legislation dressed up in pro-life clothes.

Many in the pro-life movement were saddened at the soft-spoken Jesuit’s departure.

“I’m distressed to see him go,” said Jim Hughes, Campaign Life Coalition president.  “I thought the paper had found a new focus and was doing a wonderful job on life issues under his direction.”