The November Interim story on Rubella vaccine WI-38 was printed with the realization that experimentation on aborted babies, and even babies about to be aborted, is an ongoing enterprise around the world.  We would draw the attention of our readers to the hidden and extensive nature of this hideous further refinement of the evil of abortion with the following inventory of brief notes on the subject:


The tip of the iceberg …


– Some documented experiments on aborted babies.


– In Sweden, aborted babies have been kept alive for several hours by perfusing them in a glass chamber (Acta Paediatrica, July 1958).


– A 980-gram aborted baby was hooked up to an artificial placenta and lived for five hours and eight minutes at George Washington University Hospital (American Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology, March 1, 1968).


– In Phoenix, Arizona, fourteen women were given a high blood pressure drug, nadonol, four days before having abortions.  Researchers were testing the extent to which the drug would cross the placenta and lower fetal blood pressure (St. Louis Post-Dispatch, November 15, 1981).


– At Columbia University, 143 babies aborted through saline poisoning, had their hearts, livers, kidneys, and spleens removed and preserved for research purposes (American Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology, October 1, 1974).


– At Stanford University, living aborted babies were placed in incubators.  Their chests were cut open so that researchers could observe their heart actions.  The babies died within 11 hours (American Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology, July 1, 1963).


– In 1974, an experiment involving cutting the beating hearts out of aborted babies and placing them in a nutrient solution.  “The hearts survived for many hours without any significant changes in their spontaneous contraction rate …” (American Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology, January 1, 1974).


– Researchers at the Children’s Hospital in Helsinki, Finland, experimented on 12 babies, from 12 to 21 weeks’ gestation, killed by hysterotomy.  The babies’ heads were cut off and attached to a machine that pumped chemicals through the severed brains (Acta Paedriatrica Scandinavia, January 1, 1975).


– A fetal researcher in Finland has fed premature babies with nutrients from the brains of 52 babies aborted through hysterotomy, “the fetuses are fully alive when we cut their heads off … And then we put those organs through a rinsing machine to examine them for their nutritious substances,” said Dr. Martti Kekomkai, who conducted the experiment (National Examiner, August 19,1984).

– Portions of aborted babies’ brains were cut out and homogenized in glass tubes to be compared with parts of rats’ brains in an experiment by doctors affiliated with the Harvard Medical School in Boston (Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism, 1976).

– In California, thymus glands obtained from aborted babies have been transplanted into older children (Time magazine, February 28, 1972).

– In 1970, the University of Cambridge’s department of Experimental medicine conducted experiments on live aborted babies (Cambridge Evening News, no date).

– The Eli Lilly Pharmaceutical Company has conducted experiments with a compound using virus-inoculated nasal passages from aborted babies in research on the common cold (Chemical Week, January 9, 1980).

– The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency approved a $300,000 project which used 100 aborted babies to test the affects of pesticides (Chicago Sun Times, July 26, 1977).

– The U.S. government used aborted babies to develop a biological warfare chemical which would cause hemorrhagic fever (Village Voice, March 21, 1977).

– In 1976, Dr. Sophie Perry, head of pathology at the District of Columbia General Hospital, stated her department had earned more than $68,000 from commercial firms for organs from stillborn, premature and aborted babies.  The funds were used to buy a television set for the lounge; to cover expenses for doctors attending conventions; and to provide refreshments for visiting professors.

– In 1981, the Gazette du Palais reported that a truck containing frozen human fetuses was intercepted at the Swiss-French border.  The truck was heading for French cosmetic labs where “there was a busy trade in fetal remains for beauty products used in rejuvenating the skin.”

Sources for the above article include:  The Abortion Holocaust by William Brennan, Landmark Press, St. Louis, 1983;  When Abortion Fails by Nick Thimmesch, a pamphlet published by Life Cycle Books; and information kindly provided by the Toronto Right to Life Association.