Women unwittingly have abortions, babies sold by doctors

Interim Staff

In a Special Report issued by Human Life International, Ewa Kowalewska, executive director of the organization’s Central and Eastern Europe regional office, illustrates just how ingrained the abortion culture is Russia.

Officially, there are 1.7 million surgical abortions in Russia each year, although some estimates say it is three times that number. And that does not include the chemical abortions from easy access to the abortion pill RU-486 (marketed under the slogan “You can buy it and get rid of the trouble yourself”) or abortifacient morning-after pills and birth control. Kowalewska reports that women are routinely given Norplant injections or Depo-Provera vaccines after the birth of their first child.

Although Russia does not officially have a one-child policy, many healthcare professionals and family services providers encourage women to limit themselves to one child. Kowalewska says that “Unlike in China, the state does not force abortions upon women; (here) the medical establishment does the dirty work.”

She reports on a frightening and ghoulish plot by doctors to trick women into having abortions. Recently, the daughter of Galina Maslennikowa, the director of HLI Russia-Moscow, visited a doctor to confirm that she was pregnant. The doctor said it was necessary to do a cervical examination, that the sonogram would not suffice, and after a painful intrusion on behalf of the female doctor, Galina’s daughter began to bleed vaginally. The doctor said that the baby was dead and sent her to the hospital to have the miscarried child removed. Fortunately, the mother knew something was wrong, called her husband and went to a private hospital. Medical staff there found that the baby was indeed alive and healthy.

She returned to the state hospital to let them know she discovered their deception. Numerous other women “who had just undergone an abortion after an apparent miscarriage, overheard and became hysterical.” (Tragically, because of the traumatic ordeal, Maslennikowa’s daughter miscarried several days later.)

With the help of the Medical Education Centre – Zhizn – the woman investigated the matter and discovered that the Centre of Family Planning and Reproduction in Moscow, an International Planned Parenthood Federation outfit, pays health staff to trick women into aborting their healthy babies. The aborted baby bodies can fetch as much as $2000 when sold to chemical and cosmetic companies.

Kowalewska reports that “Doctors are paid off for misdiagnosing the miscarriage; nurses are bribed to falsify prenatal exams and convince mothers their child is either dead or handicapped.” In other former Soviet Union republics, “private research institutes simplify the process by paying mothers $200 to get pregnant and abort their baby before the 20th day of gestation.”

It is notable that feminist groups who clamour for choice do not voice any concern for women who are misled into having abortions or how corrupted the medical profession has become in Russia.