The year 1990 brought many ‘signs of hope’ to the  pro-life movement said the executive secretary of the American Bishops’ Pro-Life Activities Secretariat, Father John Gouldrick.
He noted the following successes in the United States:
•    An August poll found that most Americans believe human life begins long before birth and that the unborn child deserves protection;
•    Media bias against the pro-life cause was more widely recognized and criticized.
•    State legislatures considered an unprecedented number of bills, with legislation enacted in Pennsylvania, South Carolina and Guam;
•    Majority support in Congress was regained for every abortion funding restriction rejected by the House of Representatives in 1989;
•    Every roll-call vote on abortion in the House last year was ‘a pro-life victory’, and the Senate for the first time approved a parental notification requirement;
•    Despite public threats against them, the majority of pro-life incumbents retained their seats in the November elections and new pro-life legislators and governors were elected;
•    Pro-life rallies and other public events drew unprecedented crowds.