Whew! The election is over. By the time you read these words of mine, most of the signs will be gone. And every baby that was legally abortable in Canada the day before the election will still be legally abortable the day after. And, I suppose, the day after and the day after.

Not to say there will not be the brave men and women that will happily make their mark and fight for the rights of the unborn. If there is one thing that our recent federal election has taught us, it is that abortion rights are far from being decided.

Just when we thought – or should I say, the Globe and Mail thought – that abortion in Canada was a done deal, we get controversy where none existed. We actually even got some debates on abortion on some radio talk shows! Of course, the print media in Canada do not have the courage to actually allow a debate on abortion, so we are left with the question of whether you and I have a right to oppose childkilling in Canada.

But no matter. The A-word was uttered. It was splashed on the front pages once again. And once again we saw through the clouds and smoke, that there still is no real social peace on abortion.

Pro-life workers now can go back to the trenches and begin the battle, knowing that society still is very uneasy about abortion in Canada. We can go back to the trenches knowing that the biggest show of support the abortion industry could muster was a group of senior citizens for whom abortion was just a wonderful dream … keeping in mind the elderly doctors who still make a killing (sorry for the pun) financially.

The one Liberal supporter under the age of 30 was obviously set up and couldn’t debate the issue if she even understood it. Her website was set up by the youthful Liberals and was a pathetic last gasp of a dying patient.

The concept that abortion would set women free is over. Now, it has to be whispered in the halls of power, for we dare not speak its name. But the debate is far from over.