The cover article of the American Newsweek magazine (January 14, 1985) points out a number of features which were more less known:

-nearly 40 per cent of all Americans are not certain whether their current position on abortion is correct.

-that only 21 per cent favour abortion on demand.

-that 50 per cent would support banning abortions except for rape, incest, and danger to the mother’s life.

-that 21 per cent favour banning abortions under all circumstances.

In other words, 79 per cent of Americans reject abortions for convenience or for social and economic reasons. These constitute, perhaps as many as 99 per cent of the current reasons for abortion.

-that November 1984 election exit polls suggest that voters in the 18-24 age group are noticeably less tolerant of the Supreme Court’s legalization of abortion than voters in general.

-that advances in medical knowledge about unborn babies are forcing some people to revise their acceptance of abortion.

-that opposition to abortion has lead to a rapid increase of private donations to Planned Parenthood of America (which operates abortuaries throughout the U.S.). Donations rose from $2 million annually in the seventies to $12 million annually today.

-that opposition to abortion has produced shifts in party affiliation.

-that pro-abortion women activists tend to come form the professional, non-religious, affluent (family income of $50,000), college-educated, families with no children or no more than two, work at their own career and view the unavailability of contraceptives and abortion as limiting their competitive chances in the world.

-that anti-abortion women activists tend to have a family with three or more children, an annual income of $30,000, a high-school education, are church-goers, accept motherhood as a true vocation and do not work at a career outside the house.

-that the abortion issue is not merely a conflict between radically different understandings of self and the world.