It’s a rare occasion indeed when the pro-life movement can tip its hat and say thanks to the wonderful boys and girls who make up Abortion Inc.

But I’m never one to neglect to say thanks … and acknowledge the fine strategy handed to the pro-life movement on a silver platter.

All of us who battle the culture of death continuously look for ways to creatively get the message out. We aren’t ones to sit on our hands. As the old proverb goes, “If you always do what you always did, you will always get what you always got.”

To that end my file is brimming with materials and documents relating to Canada’s anti-smoking campaign.

Anti smoking?

You said it.

You see, those who lovingly rule us feel that society needs to stigmatize smoking. An education program has been developed that is second to none – all to try to convince young people not to have anything to do with those deadly weed sticks.

The main benefactor providing this pivotal strategic information has been British Columbia’s Abortion Inc., also known as the Ministry of Health. An elaborate web site and full-color booklets for the GASP campaign, again all directed at youth, are the main weapons in Abortion Inc.’s arsenal, trying to purge smoking from the land.

‘Graphic and powerful’ ads needed

Our former Minister of Health was quoted this past January on the need for graphic images in their fight: “Clearly … our communications must be real, truthful, graphic and powerful …. T These are strong images, but I know from testing that these images increase awareness of the dangers.”

The GASP booklet produced by Abortion Inc. is indeed graphic and powerful. Its cover states that it is “Finding out the truth about tobacco.”

The booklet is designed to be handed out in schools to various ages depending on the local teacher.

The web site features information and links to resources that you can send away for in order to develop and refine your battle for life.

You see, the admission by Abortion Inc. that graphic images can change hearts and minds on a public policy issue can and should be used in the abortion debate.

The Genocide Awareness Project, indeed any use of graphic images of dead children killed by abortion, is a much debated and well-thought out strategy. If you ever had any doubts as to the potential impact in your community of these strategic initiatives, they are blown away by the heavy marketing research conducted by Abortion Inc. and now available to be embraced by the pro-life movement.

Tobacco strategy applies to abortion

Not only a strategic initiative to be embraced by the pro-life movement, but a legal initiative as well. The ever-eager legal system can be presented with tons of documentation of how government now gaily employs the use of graphic and shocking photos – this could handily be used if a overly protective Crown prosecutor feels it his high calling to stamp out any opposition to abortion.

The last few months have seen Canada’s abortion industry go utterly ballistic when faced with the truth of abortion. Their use of violence and censorship have revealed to us that they are deathly afraid of society learning the truth about abortion.

Enter Abortion Inc. and their support – that is, heavy financial support – for a graphic image campaign that pales in comparison with what any pro-life group could do.

But the analogy is there. Abortion Inc. has once again overplayed their hand.

It’s time for the Genocide Awareness Project to spread to universities throughout Canada. “Show the Truth” should be at street corners around the country, in every town. Visit and learn more on how to develop your local opposition to abortion – send away for their information, the GASP booklet and whatever other promo materials they will dispense – all thanks to Abortion Inc.

After all, we the taxpayer paid for the anti-smoking campaign. It’s only right that we should use it to save other lives as well.