As the change in seasons becomes more distinct, it’s time to look around and ponder the events that continue to shape the battle for life in North America. I remember full well the timely and fascinating look into the mind of an abortionist in an article entitled, “The Terminator.”

The piece was about well-known and outspoken abortionist Brian Finkel, the chief abortionist in the state of Arizona and his views on a host of issues, particularly his not-so-kind views of those who oppose his “termination” work. His message to pro-lifers? “Kiss my a–.”

Well, to make a long story short, he appears, at least by the allegations, to have a particular fondness for his patients, to the extent that he is facing about 40 charges of sexual abuse.

In fact, after his initial arrest, a host of other women, again former patients, came forward with additional complaints. Seventy to be exact. How all these charges will end up is anyone’s guess, but it’s possible he will be soon allowed to work again, performing the “essential service” of abortion. As usual, pro-choice advocates will “stand by their man.” After all, it’s all an anti-choice plot, don’t you know?

I remember well the words of Finkel, in the original Phoenix New Times news story. He talked about his taunting of pro-lifers who picket his abortion mill. Finkel stated: “I go, ‘Hey, Beer Belly, I want you to know that if your wife ever needs an abortion, I’ll do one for free. Not because I’m a nice guy, but just because I want to get between her l-e-e-e-e-gs.'”

Obviously, he was serious. In more ways than one. For reasons unknown, the reporter who wrote the article called him a good doctor.

Then there is Mark Walter Stewart, the former Campbell River, B.C. doctor who was recently on trial for a dozen sex charges. He was also one of the medical profession’s finest; that is, he was known as an “abortion provider.” Of course, to read the B.C. media you would never know. I guess as a professional courtesy they don’t let you know about such things.

Is there a trend here? Perhaps pro-abortion leaders would like to explain to us all why abortion, the red light district of medicine, seems to attract a certain type of doctor?

Anyway, Stewart was convicted Sept. 21 on 10 of 12 sex assault charges. He has appealed his conviction, but sentencing of the good doctor will take place Nov. 30 just after we go to press.

But why all the secrecy about Stewart’s profession? Perhaps you could tell me why the Vancouver media is reticent about telling us that dear Stewart also performs abortions? In Arizona, they don’t seem to care that you know.

By the way, Finkel had a bubble zone around his abortion mill. All abortionists in B.C. are protected from protests with a similar bubble zone. Now you know why. The powers that be, the great protectors of women’s health, don’t want you noisy pro-lifers going around warning that the abortionists are having “problems” with their patients.

Former B.C. abortionist Richard Neale, who seemed to have problems keeping his patients alive, also experienced protection from B.C.’s media. You won’t see any story mentioning the British abortionist who worked in Prince George and the word “abortion” in the same sentence – or story.

Freedom of Information laws in B.C. designed to keep abortion info secret were actually designed to protect abortionists, but not in the way they suggest. If the public knew the truth about the abortion industry and the morally challenged people committing “therapeutic abortions,” there would be a lot of these folks collecting Employment Insurance.