When she spoke in Toronto on February 7, Carol Everett of Dallas, Texas gave a fascinating account of her life history and her involvement as the director of six ‘clinics’ with the U.S. abortion industry.

Young and Immature

Pregnant at 16, she married young and immature.  After two children, she left her husband for another man.  A divorce followed, and a second marriage, but with the understanding that there would be no more children.  Again she found herself pregnant, and because of the agreement she went through an abortion.

She knew instantly that she had killed her child.

Those who maintain that an early abortion leaves no scars should hear her story.

The first result was that she hated her husband; she left him, had an affair with someone else, and had a second divorce.

Second, she abused one of her children and over-protected the other.  Third, and most important, she continued to think of the aborted child as still alive and growing up; she thinks of him now as he would be at 17.  Her scar is 17 years old, and will never go away.

But she says that the father is a victim of abortion, too.  She still hated her husband after 16 years.  Finally he cried along with her – after 16 years.

Abortion is about money

Eventually she became involved in the abortion industry, mainly for the money.  It is immensely profitable, she stressed; it must be extraordinarily profitable in Canada, she thought, because the fees charged are higher here than in the U.S.

She opened  two abortion ‘clinics’; had she opened five, she would have been a millionaire.

By her own calculations, one doctor who testified at a San Diego trial that he had performed 600 abortions in a month might have made $45,000 in that short time.

In her last month in the business, Ms. Everett recalls, she made %13,625 over four weeks.

Abortion is about money.

It is about a ‘service’ which is marketed – skillfully – by women who are carefully trained to give glib but convincing replies to the usual questions and the usual objections.

Quick tour

Carol gave her listeners a quick tour, as it were, through an abortion ‘clinic.’

Those who have seen The Silent Scream will understand the procedure itself, which she explained in detail.

But she also described the sales pitch.  When a girl phones up, the staffer answering plays on the girl’s fears as much as possible.  After finding out when the girl’s last period was, she makes an instant diagnosis: “You’re six weeks pregnant.”

Her ‘clinic’ was once caught red-handed by two women reporters from a local television station.  They said they were pregnant when they were not, and were promptly scheduled for abortions without confirmation that they needed them.

Mishaps covered up

The two questions every girl asks are “Is it a baby?” and “Does it hurt?”  Naturally, the abortion providers do not give honest replies to either.  As to the first, “No, it’s only a blob of tissue.”  As to the second, “It’s ten times easier than childbirth.”

There is never any reference to the risks involved.

According to Ms. Everett, one out of every 500 women dies from abortion, but the deaths are covered up by pro-abortion officials.

Many other women have serious problems, such as a perforated uterus, bowel, or urinary tract.

The hospitals to which such women go somehow cover up these complications, as well, and the horror stories never get into the papers.

As her own experience reveals, there may be after-effects to abortion which last for years, including destructive tendencies.  She points to the example of a girl from Iowa who phoned a counselor and said, “I’m going to kill my two-year-old.  I killed my two others by abortion.”

Pill and Abortion

After an abortion is over, the main concern of the ‘clinic’ employees is to ensure repeat business.

Many an aborted girl says, ‘I’m never going to have sex again’.  But the ‘clinic’ presses contraceptive pills on her, ‘just in case’.  That way they increases the chances of her becoming pregnant again.

If everything works out the way it should, the ‘clinic’ will get three to five abortions out of her before she is 18; the highest number Ms. Everett ran into was nine.

One of her maxims says it all very clearly: “Birth control sells abortions.”

Southern Baptist

Carol Everett was raised as a Southern Baptist, and odd as it may seem, she continued to pray when she was working at the ‘clinic’ – praying especially that there would be no complications.

It was religion which ultimately brought her around to giving up her work at the ‘clinic’ and turning against abortion.

Some of the biblical quotations with which she was familiar helped in the process, especially one which says “The days of our lives have been ordained for us before our conception.”

Unregulated Industry

Abortion, she says, is the largest unregulated industry in the United States and Canada.

It must be countered in every possible way, particularly from the involvement of pro-life people in government at every level, from the municipal to the federal.

Carol Everett left her audience, not with a feeling of despair about the situation, but with a conviction that a great deal of work needs to be done – particularly in exposing the lies which she herself dealt with.

She is walking and talking testimony to exactly the contrary.

Carol Everett was the second speaker in a series sponsored by Campaign Life Coalition.  The third will be Charles Rice, a renowned pro-life lawyer and law professor from Notre Dame University in Indiana.  He will be speaking on Thursday, April 18, at 7:30 p.m., at the Primrose Hotel in Toronto.