Rod Taylor, Special to The Interim

Editor’s Note: This is an excerpt from Rod Taylor’s Sept. 15 press conference.

The shedding of innocent blood in abortion clinics has some very observable economic costs. Since 1970, Canada has killed over 4 million pre-born babies. At a current rate generally estimated at about 100,000 per year, that is the equivalent of about 4,000 classrooms of children every year. That would be the loss of 4,000 teacher jobs per year. It also represents an annual loss of sales income for food, clothing, toys, books, bicycles, etc. That number also represents the loss of 4 million Canadian workers who would today be building houses, programming computers, performing surgeries, and growing crops. In addition, many studies have shown a significant increase in breast cancer rates among women who terminate a first pregnancy. Even a slight increase in breast cancer adds incremental costs to our medical system.

The Liberals think they can replace these 4 million missing children by mass immigration, but that strategy is failing. The costs of caring for the huge number of immigrants who need housing, health care, language training, and other government services cannot be compared to the small cost involved in the gradual addition of infants and toddlers through natural birth within Canadian families.

On top of the outright measurable economic costs of abortion, there are the immeasurable but very real outcomes that can be reasonably expected when we violate God’s laws. It appears that Canada is already under judgment for the shedding of innocent blood. Who’s to say that fires, floods, droughts, pandemics, economic downturns, increased crime, poor crops, and a falling dollar are not warnings to us to repent of our national sins and rededicate our nation to the Lord. After all, He made us. Male and female, He made us. In His image, He made us. As our Creator, He knows what’s best for us. His command, “Thou shalt not kill” innocent human life is not a suggestion. It is an eternal law, written in our hearts, even if politicians and judges have ignored it in written legislation.


Rod Taylor is the leader of the Christian Heritage Party.