As The Interim goes to press on the day after Vancouver abortionist Gary Romalis was shot, facts are few and assumptions many.

The mainstream media, for example, never wait for the facts.  In their view, the situation is simple: a man is shot, he is an abortionist, therefore it has to be a pro-lifer pulling the trigger.

It wasn’t so many years ago that executives from the ABC network, while appearing before a U.S. Senate subcommittee hearing, stated that they were not in the business of reporting truth, they were in the business of creating news.

Let us, once again, repeat a basic pro-life principle: we are against violence in any form.  We do not support shooting an abortionist, any more than we support killing a pre-born child through abortion.

In the United States, the wave of violence against abortionists has followed government repression which denied citizens the right to peaceful demonstration outside abortion clinics.

In Ontario the NDP won a temporary injunction which has denied citizens the right to peaceful demonstration outside abortion clinics.  In British Columbia, a pro-abortion task force has been pressuring the government to adopt similar measures.

It is the violence perpetrated by the abortionists themselves that incites some individuals towards violent confrontation.  These individuals, however, are not pro-life.  They have surfaced because the legitimate pro-life voice of protest has been squelched.

The Commandment, “Thou shalt not kill,” applies equally to pre-born babies, disabled infants and adults, the terminally ill and the frail elderly.  It also applies to abortionists, however much we despise their chosen field of work.

Let us once again confirm that the pro-life effort against abortion, euthanasia and doctor assisted suicide must be prayer driven and peaceful.

Only then will we be able to change the minds and hearts of those who seek a fast and violent solution to this most heinous of societal ills.