I believe that we are all called by our Christian faith to be more then bystanders
The Family Coalition Party  of Ontario gives us an opportunity to work towards a better tomorrow for all the citizens in Ontario. The morals that form the cornerstone of the FCP have formed the basis of society around the world.

Anti-life is anti-family

Unlike any previous time in Ontario’s history, we are witnessing destructive acts against the unborn, individuals, families and communities, all in the name of pluralism and democracy.

Therefore, today, not at some time that is convenient our Christian faith empowers us to be that light in our communities. The FCP cannot do this on its own.

To date our ears and our eyes have been rendered deaf and dumb by the dollar. The provincial Liberals, Conservatives and New Democrats  have been successful at getting  us to buy into their world of deception and outright lies. They attempt to buy us off with favours at the voting booths.

To me it has become patently obvious that these old parties have spent way beyond the means of taxpayers to pay. Sensing their own financial can of worms, they attempt to latch onto the environmentalists, only too late to realize that they are powerless on this issue as well, due to lack of funds.

In the process of turning people’s attention to the buck and the environment, the old parties have undermined religion, our sense of history, our educational system and our endearment to family.

Having sown a path of destruction , the old parties remain empty shells. On the converse, the party that stands out above the competition because it has not wavered in its vision is the FCP.

Join up

The Family Coalition Party  is there to be joined. If you want to register a protest vote between elections, then one very effective way is to get your family and friends to take out a membership in the fourth largest provincial political party.

We should be the largest political party and we should be the wealthiest political party, if we took our belief in God seriously.

Pivotal to any good government is respect for life. The FCP must educate immigrants who have come to this country seeking freedom from oppressive anti-life governments that we are the only pro-life provincial political party.

No lowest denominator

The Family Coalition Party  will not buy into the line that morally a multicultural province has to sink to the lowest common denominator. When we review history, we see that a society that is in moral decay does not prosper materially. Therefore, in the interests of your children and my three children , it is imperative that Christians stand together to challenge the humanists who have hijacked the ship of state in Ontario.

Together we can elect members of provincial parliament that will speak for truth. This is our challenge; this is our goal; this is what living our belief in God demands that we do.

Don Pennell

My attendance at the June 1992 “ Save the Planets People” Conference in Toronto, and in particular, attendance at several “political” workshops, confirmed my deepest suspicions.

Pro-life supporters, both federally and provincially, are deeply divided and confused where it pertains to political party loyalty. Primarily at the heart of this confusion is the “politics” of life.

The confusion stems from the very important question, whom do we vote for, old political parties or new political parties?

Five years ago, in the province of Ontario, the leaders within the political party. The founding of the  Family Coalition Party  was the result of those deliberations, and a unanimous vote of approval was given that day.

1987 Election

We were thrust immediately into the 1987 Ontario Provincial election. The founders ad the executives of the FCP assumed, falsely, as it turned out, that with thousands of pro-life supporters belonging to hundreds of pro-life organizations, the FCP actually would elect someone to the Ontario Legislature on our first attempt.

But much to the chagrin of many, it was found that these same thousands we counted on continued to support the old party system. This action of course, was confusing to the executives of the FCP, not to say, utterly inconsistent with pro-life philosophy and ethic.

The power of the vote must not be underestimated . In theory, if all 68 FCP candidates had been elected in the Ontario 1990 election it would have meant that a good proportion of legislation emanating from Queens Park today would have been pro-life and pro-family in philosophy.

Two major examples. One: in the first FCP budget, public funding for abortions would cease. Two: all free-standing abortion facilities would immediately be closed.

One can readily see the value of electing a political party with the philosophy of the FCP.

The political party does not exist to support only special interest groups, the NDP, however, being the exception. Political parties should exist to formulate policies and bring to the public legislation which is for the common good of all citizens. These policies and ensuing legislation must be based on a value system with truth and tradition as a part of the building blocks.


Those who fight against video and theatre pornography will find no political home within the old line parties, yet they continue to vote and support them.

Those who fight sex education and values clarification within the school system continue to vote for and support the old party system.

Business people complain loudly about high taxes and interference in private enterprise, yet they, too, contribute millions of dollars to the election war chests of the old parties.

All of this seems so futile, so inconsistent and so full of hypocrisy. The controlling influence in our society is primarily twofold, the media and government. No matter the situation, the media have the last word. As such, they are uncontrollable and unaccountable to anyone but themselves.

Despite our pessimism, governments which legislate and enforce the law are both accountable and controllable. Every four to five years we, the people, have the opportunity to take all governments to task for their actions.

Therefore the soft spot or weak link is government. The key to bringing the old-line parties back to their senses is not to join them, but to challenge them in their own forum. Take from them their human and financial resources and they will take notice very quickly.

Don’t work in isolation

Although there are many leaders within hundreds of organizations across the province of Ontario, there continues to be one serious major flaw. They all work in total isolation.

The task between now and the next Ontario Provincial Election is to persuade all organizations whose philosophy mirrors FCP policies to get on the political bandwagon.

A difficult task- yes. An impossible task- never. The next three years will be the most exciting time in Canadian politics, and the Family Coalition Party will be at the forefront of leadership and action.