Past columns of mine have dwelt on the top-secret meeting that then-British Columbia Attorney-General Ujjal Dosanjh held with representatives of B.C.’s abortion industry, including Joyce Arthur of the Pro-Choice Action Network.

I’m told that various folks are working themselves into a tizzy regarding my exposure of this meeting. Indeed, I received an ever-so-rare e-mail message from Arthur herself, “warning” me to “cease and desist” and that the Vancouver Sun article I referred to is in error.

Now folks, this one secret meeting is not to be confused with the other secret meetings that the Ministry of Attorney General regularly attends in the context of the Abortion Services Working Group. I’ve written about them, too – Santa’s little helpers that have on their wish list the total abolition of all public opposition to abortion in the People’s Republic of British Columbia. The Pro-Choice Action Network attends, even representatives of the Canadian Abortion Rights Action League. (You know the group, the one that blamed the democratic election of Stockwell Day for the stabbing of a Vancouver abortionist.) Anyway, it’s OK to tell you about these secret meetings because it’s just Abortion, Inc. sitting down with a few friends plotting their next strategy to increase access to abortion.

But I digress.

I’m told that the Vancouver Sun has never been contacted with a request stating that the meeting never took place. My source informs me again that, yes indeed, such a secret meeting occurred. All of this has all of us scratching our heads wondering why, of all the secret meetings Abortion, Inc. is holding, why is this particular meeting really, really secret?

I could offer some speculation – and I offer it only because no one wants to talk about the secret meeting of all secret meetings. If I am in error, it is only because of the intense shyness of those in power.

Given the fact that the current NDP regime is in such serious disarray, it comes as no surprise that public opinion polls suggest the almost total abortion of the New Democratic Party in the worker’s paradise.

Just a few short weeks ago, members of the Pro-Choice Action Network held an anti-Catholic rally outside the Roman Catholic cathedral in Vancouver. Starring in this brilliant intellectual production was Erin Kaiser, the proud spokesman of the Pro-Choice Action Network. Kaiser is the young lady who felt that violence was a justifiable way to deal with a pro-life display at the University of British Columbia. BC’s pro-choice movement felt the best way to get their message across was to dress Erin up as a pregnant nun, and protest outside the cathedral while a wedding was taking place.

Press releases are now being regularly spewed out by the Pro-Choice Action Network featuring Erin Kaiser as their spokesperson. Kaiser, who uses violence as a way to achieve her pro-choice goals, is now embraced whole-heartedly by the same group who regularly meets secretly with the chief law-enforcement office in British Columbia.

The only scenario I know of that could possibly explain this dramatic shift in strategy is that whenever tyrants are in power and are frightened of losing that power, they resort to the use of “brown shirts” in order to achieve their goals. I speculate that perhaps the Attorney-General’s department is now actively involved in the re-election campaign of the disgraced NDP government. Part of that plan is to herald abortion rights – but with popular opinion shifting to support of fetal rights, it has become necessary to silence opposition to the NDP’s abortion strategy.

That is why the new embrace of those who condone and use violence as a means to achieve their goal. And that goal, simply stated, is the total abolition of all public opposition to abortion, whether in front of an abortion mill, on a university campus, or in the pages of your local newspaper. Any suggestion that those involved in abortion are anything but fine, upstanding pillars of society will be immediately branded as hate-mongering. And the penalties – well, it depends who gets hold of you first: Students for Choice, or the Attorney-General of the province.

If it’s Students for Choice, the chief law-enforcement office in B.C. is indeed willing to look the other way while they “debate” your right to freedom of speech.

And that’s why everyone is so afraid that you know what went on at that secret meeting – the one where the current Premier attended in his capacity then as Attorney General. I wonder if a general amnesty was discussed – sort of a get-out-of-jail-free card given to the stormtroopers of B.C.’s pro-choice movement?

Workers of the world unite! Just don’t get in their way!