On the expanse of highway that separates Edmonton and Calgary, there is a billboard.  It stands as a conspicuous reproach to the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Alberta who have recently issued new guidelines allowing Alberta abortionists to kill up to the 20t week of pregnancy.  On it there is a picture of a 16-week-old baby sucking its thumb in its mother’s womb.  On the other side of the billboard there is a picture of a 16-year-old mother, and the words, “Love them both.”

Chill the hearts

The opening of Alberta’s first free-standing abortuary, followed by the announcement of the new College of Surgeons guidelines, should chill the hearts of all Albertans; the winter of the unborn has come.

Despite legal attempts to stop it, Henry Morgentaler’s abortuary opened September 14.

Response from Edmonton’s pro-life movement was immediate.

A solemn ceremony, organized by the Alberta Pro-Life Alliance, was held in front of the abortuary with about 70 people in attendance.  Church Smith, a leader in the Alliance, commented that the ceremony’s message was twofold: prayers for all those involved in abortions, and the commitment to support both mother and child.  Over 50 wreaths of pink paper roses were laid around a small coffin, on which stood the picture of the 16-week-baby.  Each rose on the wreaths had 5 signatures, representing in total, the prayers of over 1000 people across the province.

Symbolizing the support aspect, a bassinet filled with gifts was placed beside the coffin.  The children’s gifts represent the commitment of pro-lifers to love and help them both.

Block women

On the abortuary’s first killing day, a group of pro-life activists attempted to block women from entering the clinic.  They lay down under cars, sat in front of doors and even jumped repeatedly over the chain-link fence surrounding the rear compound, only to be thrown out by the abortuary’s security.

No one was arrested that day, but an injunction obtained by Morgentaler against four rescuers was later broken by Lianne Laurence who was sentenced to 2 days in jail.

“Identification with the victims is the key,” explained Miss Laurence.  “You know that those children are going in there to be killed.  Even if I look like a total idiot, you would at least want me to help them.”  After breaking the injunction a second time she received another 5 days in jail.  “The only reason that I couldn’t help them is that I would be physically removed.”


On the Saturday following the abortuary’s opening, the street in front was closed off by police for a rally organized by the Pro-Life Alliance.  Local M.L.A. Nick Taylor offered words of encouragement, announcing “The pro-life side is winning.”

With the hope of furthering awareness of the crime against the unborn now taking place in Edmonton, a life chain in tandem with ones planned for North American and parts of Europe was held on October 6.

One line of silent pro-life witnesses stood in front of the abortuary.