The United Nations Population fund has issued its 1997 State of World Population Report. The slick 76-page document, subtitled “The Right to Choose: Reproductive Rights and Reproductive Health,” lays out a program for action designed to turn Third World women into feminist “wimmin.”

They will be educated, plied with contraceptives, and their unborn children aborted.

The report’s subtitle gives the game away. ‘The Right to Choose’ is to abortion clinics what ‘Arbeit Macht Frei’ (Work Makes Freedom) was to Auschwitz. ‘Reproductive rights’ means safe abortion on demand, from Tel Aviv to Samarkand.

Please read the report: it will chill you on these hot summer days.

Your copy will arrive in a fat envelope along with some loose enclosures. The cover letter mentions “rights” six times, “responsibilities” zero. The first news feature I read had “rights” 40 times, “responsibilities” zero. Flicking through the report, I found 16 photographs: five of brown people; eight black; three oriental. Whites? Zero. They all looked wretchedly poor.

Selective help

Clearly the U.N. is not out to “help” Michelle Landsberg, pro-abortion Toronto Star columnist and wife of Canada’s U.N. ambassador, Stephen Lewis.

The report sets out 11 shiny new reproductive rights for the non-white women of the world: Just the standard hard-core feminist wish-list: you’ve heard them all before, shrilled from a thousand bullhorns.

To access these rights, the small print mentions that 40 per cent of the women will choose to be sterilized. The rest will suddenly be pelted with a monsoon of pills, gels, advisers, foams, IUDs, clinics and latex products out of a clear blue sky, compliments of the enlightened folks at the foot of Manhattan Island.

Because the West knows best.

Maybe, prior to this lethal rain, the target women should be given the report to read.

I propose further a little card to be enclosed. Each card will carry four questions on its face.

1. Did this bring happiness to First World women?

2. Who makes money from this?

3. Will this result in a dead baby for you?

4. Where does the report get its statistics from?

And on the reverse, the answers.

  1. No.
  2. Drug companies, U.N. flunkies, corrupt officials.
  3. Yes.
  4. U.N. cronies only; facts made to order.

Finally, we will highlight this passage from page 42 of the report – “While the exact number is difficult to determine, conservatively, at least 60 million girls who would otherwise be expected to be alive are “missing” in various Asian populations as a result of sex-selective abortions or relative neglect.”

We hope this will cause the woman to wonder about the other 25 million little boys and girls who go “missing” each year into buckets.

Is the U.N. wicked, stupid or simply misguided? Personally, I believe the U.N. has good intentions, as in “the road to hell is paved with good intentions.”

Map that road for our century. The old arteries – those through Red Square, the Reichstag and Bloomsbury – are rutted and weed-wracked. Today the two main roads go by Beijing and the U.N. buildings in New York.

Byways branch off every which way. See our Canadian Sections run past CIDA, Morgantaler’s, June Callwood’s house.

There is a road to hell in your neighbourhood too, wherever you live. Hitler’s good intention was a thousand-year Reich, but the road it paved led to Auschwitz. Stalin’s good intention was a worker’s paradise, but the road it paved led to the Gulag.

The U.N. Population fund’s good intention is to empower the world’s poorest women, but the road it paves leads to the bloody corpse of an unborn child.

The report calls for governments to enact laws and covenants enshrining these reproductive rights; non-governmental organizations must network to achieve synergy in the struggle for reproductive health.

Call for funding

Most of all though – so the useful misguided can enact and follow the fellow travellers can network – the report demands money, $17 billion yearly by 2000 – $21.7 billion by 2015. Two-thirds to come from domestic resources, and one-third from the donor community.

So where will Chad, Ghana and Haiti come up with their billion? The World Bank.

The World Bank will lend it to them on condition they unleash the U.N. Population fund’s master plan on their teeming shanty towns, to save them from themselves.

Where Planned Parenthood founder Margaret Sanger duped black ministers of religion into lining up their flocks for slaughter, the U.N. employs black ministers of state for the same dark purpose.

For those of you who thought colonialism was bad, ‘loan-ialism’ is murder.