Baltimore. American bishops have called upon all Catholics, including politicians, to shun “pro-choice” positions.

According to the Steubenville Register (November 10) the American bishops passed a resolution on November 7, stating that “No Catholic can responsibly take a “pro-choice” stand when the “choice” in questioning involves the taking of innocent human life.”

The bishops urged “public officials, especially Catholics, to advance these goals in recognition of their moral responsibility to protect the weak and defenseless among us.”

O’ Connor picked to lead war on abortion

Baltimore. American Catholic bishops are escalating their battle against abortion. On November 7 over 300 bishops overwhelmingly endorsed a document calling for a constitutional amendment banning abortion. They also called for increased public information and commitment helping pregnant women.

Cardinal John O’Connor of New York was elected chairman of the Conference’s Committee for Pro-life Activities. The general mood of the church leaders was one of much greater determination to fight the evil of abortion. “Many, many bishops are now saying we have got to get more aggressive. That’s what my bones are telling me,” the Cardinal stated.