The most important state ballot measures this November 3 will appear in five states:

Arizona. Proposition 110 is an abortion initiative introduced by the Arizona Family Research Council. Put forward as “the common sense” abortion measure, this amendment to the state constitution would prohibit abortion except where the mother’s life is endangered or in cases of reported rape or incest.

Maryland. Question 6 is an abortion initiative introduced by the Vote KNOW  Coalition. Question 6 would roll back Maryland’s radical new abortion law. Abortions would still be legal if Question 6 passes, but pro-abortionists would be dealt a serious blow in the liberal-dominated Free State.

Oregon. Measure 9 was placed on the ballot by the Oregon Citizens Alliance to deny “special rights” to homosexuals. Measure 9 prevents homosexuality from receiving minority status and puts the state on record that homosexuality, pedophilia, sadism and masochism are “abnormal, wrong, unnatural and perverse.” Callers to radio talk shows have threatened violence if Measure 9 is approved (“If you thought the L.A. riots were bad, you ain’t seen nothing yet!”)

California. Proposition 161 was placed on the ballet by “right-to-die” advocates. Similar to Washington State’s rejected measure of 1991, this initiative would allow physicians to kill their terminally ill patients. Economically depressed California has twice the population of the Netherlands where, according to an official government report, 8,100 patients were killed in an year by their doctors without their consent.

Colorado. Amendment 2 would prevent the state from granting “special rights to homosexuals. Amendment 7 would allow parents to choose their children’s schools and receive a voucher from the state to pay for tuition.