Life is cheap in Canada in 1983. Is it now common sport in this country to murder the handicapped?

Recently is was discovered that an Edmonton doctor fatally injected a handicapped newborn. Not too long ago the courts had to order a life-giving operation to Stephan Dawson, a retarded child, this, over the objections of his parents. At the same time that “Dr.” Morgentaler, a fee-charging hit man at the service of pregnant women, opened his snuff house in Toronto, it was announced by the Health dept. of the City of Toronto that in 1981 (the latest year for which there are figures in this age of computers that work at the speed of light) 8,313 abortions were performed here, these, in accredited hospitals, with abortion committees as required by the Criminal Code.

The number of live births for the same period was recorded as 7,597. Life is cheap in Canada, but in Toronto it’s a deep-down discount, liquidation low. In Toronto we throw out more babies with their own homemade-in-the-womb bathwater than we keep. Is Toronto McMurder Inc. with over 8000 served? Toronto is an Auschwitz for the unborn. On any corner of this city there is information available about how and where to hire someone to kill another in the womb.

Getting born in Toronto is hard work. Every baby born in Toronto should receive a silver baby spoon of survival for having escaped the surrounding labyrinth of death. The word ‘Metropolis’ has the word ‘mother’ in its etymology. Unless the word ‘mother’ is a perjury, Toronto can no longer claim to be a ‘metropolis’ but is actually a NECROPOLIS. We are a city of the dead. We waste more than we keep.

The aborted babies of Toronto in 1981 would make a pile of tiny corpses weighing more than two tones. Once alive, snug and hidden in their mother’s wombs, where are these now dead bodies today? Even here in Necro you can be sure most did not receive a dignified burial. SO where are these old 1981 bodies? The Great Toronto Mystery.

Tonnes of Toronto babies, condemned by their mother’s licensed decision to murder them, are then tortured and executed by the abortionist. In their internal memos our hospitals refer to this terror, torture and murder as “legal termination.” Abortion is terrorism and Canada it seems is loaded with terrorists hijacking, terrorizing, torturing and murdering Spaceship Earth Crew. Mother Theresa of Calcutta says: “ABORTION IS THE CRIME THAT KILLS NOT ONLY THE CHILD BUT THE CONSCIENCE OF ALL INVOLVED”.

Once made aware of them, who could not be touched by these new dead, these missing Torontonians? Where can these bodies be seen or found?

Are they concealed behind the flags of medical infanticide ethics, or say behind an all sorts selection of heavy professional shingles, or are they just blowing in the wind? Can, and do these bodies come back to haunt us in our water supply? Are they sold to be ground up as face cream as has been known to happen elsewhere but never proved here? Is it difficult to hear the echoing cries of tones of tiny dead? Have they become part of Toronto’s polluted air? Where are the bodies of the death-before-birth-chambers of Necro Toronto?

In the end they discovered where many of the corpses of Auschwitz lay and by whom they were buried. The abort-mother is victim too, as well as dead baby Doe. Indeed, today, here in Canada, the Auschwitz metaphor provides a complete new meaning to “baby shower”, does it not?