A recent flyer depicted a nesting hen saying, “We’ll pray for you,” and a pig saying, “We love you”. It described a vegetarian diet as “compassionate, noble” and spoke of “the gruesome sacrifice of billions of our sweet domestic animals.”

Each year in Canada, there’s a more gruesome sacrifice of 100,000 sweet baby humans – but that’s considered a woman’s right. Promoters are given tax-exempt status and honoured by universities as “compassionate and noble.” Objectors are penalized.

A document called Of Human Life was presented to the world in 1968 by Pope Paul VI. It warned that disconnecting human sexual activity from both marriage and the potential for creating new life would open the door to developments that would have gravely harmful effects on individuals and society. It was immediately termed repressive and regressive and widely derided and denounced.

Almost 40 years later, we have to acknowledge that we have indeed opened the doors — to every sort of sexual aberration. Despite the hard work of pro-life, pro-family people, the “widespread lowering of public morals” continues, gathering momentum.

In Fredericton, the private Morgentaler Clinic is suing New Brunswick, demanding payment for abortions ($750 each). There is even greater incentive since Chalmers Hospital, the last provider of hospital abortions in New Brunswick, announced it no longer has the staff or resources to continue doing so.

Did you know May 17 has been named the National Day Against Homophobia? In P.E.I., two communities raised flags and opened “safe spaces for GLBT youth”. A letter in the Charlottetown Guardian chided readers for using terms like “that is so gay” that “imply disapproval, victimization and discrimination directed at GLBT people.”

For $500, Islanders can now become private marriage commissioners, performing marriages anywhere they want, charging whatever they want. First in line was Jim Culbert, owner/operator of Rainbow Lodge, a popular bed and breakfast for same-sex couples.

The Ontario government is being forced to list both lesbian partners as the parents of babies conceived through artificial insemination – tantamount to including two mothers. Superior Court Justice Paul Rivard has ruled that both names must go on the birth certificate. To do otherwise, he declared, would suggest that “there is something wrong or unnatural about their families.’’

Law professor Margaret Somerville presented a cogent argument on behalf of the children of same sex unions. “All children have a fundamental right to know their own biological identity and their biological antecedents,” she said. “Disconnecting marriage from procreation eliminates this right for all children, because it (changes) parenthood from an institution defined by biology to one defined solely by law” (National Post, July 14, 2005).

But still we have same-sex unions masquerading as marriage, and an expanding litany of other corrosive sex–related activities and spinoffs now part of our culture.

Abortion. Infanticide. Euthanasia. Pornography. Widespead promiscuity and marital infidelity. The morning-after pill and the week-before pill. AIDS. HIV. Rampant STIs. Legal orgy clubs. The gentrifying of prostitution. Gay Pride Week. International Masturbation Month.

We allow human tissue, often from discarded developing babies, to be used as raw material for genetic experiments, including combinations with other species, both plant and animal. Now, there are proposals to vaccinate all 12-year-old girls (and boys) to prevent sexually transmitted cervical cancer.

Planned Parenthood, supporting and promoting all of these, is omnipresent in our educational institutions, from Kindergarten to the professional schools. Anti-life, anti-parent from the beginning, it is deeply involved in indoctrination. Witness its frenetic compulsion to distribute its sex ed materials to students in Nova Scotia, defying the wishes of parents and the school board’s explicit rulings. Adopting a new name (Canadian Federation for Sexual Health) doesn’t change its nature.

Add in the destructive impact of educators like popular former U.P.E.I professor David Weale. In a June 7 letter to The Guardian, he said, “The inerrancy of the Bible, the divinity of Jesus, the existence of the Trinity and of heaven and hell, are (mere) stories, not historical facts.” No wonder people go adrift.

Of Human Life (Humanae Vitae) was prophetic, indeed. But its warnings – and its recommended remedies – are still largely ignored. Quelle domage!