Recently, in the Toronto area, a newborn baby girl was found on a doorstep in the Scarborough area.

She was abandoned by her mother after she was born. What the mother of this child did was wrong. She did abandon her child, and the child could have died.

The act she performed  is, according to our laws, a criminal act. Had she deliberately killed her by the ultimate act of abandonment, abortion, she would have been acting entirely according to the law.

Instead, she delivered her baby girl, probably alone an afraid. She gave her the ultimate gift of life, tied her umbilical cord with an elastic and a paper clip to make sure she didn’t bleed to death.

She wrapped her in a blanket and placed her in a box outside someone’s door. She did not place her baby in an ally or in a garbage can. She placed the baby outside someone’s home where she could easily be found.

The mother obviously did intend to leave her baby, but did she really intend to abandon her?

More than 100,000 other babies were abandoned in Canada during the past year, tens of thousands in the metro area.

These babies were subjected to the ultimate form of abandonment, abortion. Not only did their mothers abandon their children, but they deprived their children of the gift of life.

They made sure that their children were abandoned completely, by assuring that no one else is able to care for them.

Legal, tax-funded abortion is mass societal abandonment of children. Our throw-away society makes it possible for women to abandon their children “in uteri.” Our laws encourage this abandonment and make it available as a “choice.” Our tax dollars pay for women to abandon their children through abortion.

Why, then, does this same throw-away society  come together and offer assistance to one baby girl who managed to survive the holocaust against pre-born children?

One small baby was blessed with a mother who allowed her child to grown and be nurtured inside of her. She could so easily have chosen abortion. If she had, no one would have known and no one would care. No one would be looking for her to see if she was all right. There would be no legal authorities seeking her out and even considering charging her with “abandonment” or “neglect causing bodily harm.”

Although we cannot condone the actions of a mother who abandoned her child, we thank her for giving her child the precious gift of life.

Even our throwaway society offers understanding and forgiveness to aborted women. Is baby Anne’s mother any less human, any less deserving of our love and compassion? At least her child celebrated Christmas this year.

More than 100,000 other abandoned children did not.