I am 23 year old, single, working female, I love life; I love freedom; I love our country; I love being a woman; and most important of all, I love God. So why should I bother being a member of R.E.A.L. Women? I’ll tell you why.

I thought that everything was great in Canada – that was when I didn’t know anything and was unconcerned about anything political as everybody else. Then I started opening my eyes and found that the politicians in Canada are not struggling for life – innocent babies are being killed daily in our hospitals because this is supposedly what I, a woman of Canada, want.

I found out that I’m not supposed to want to be a woman in the full sense of the word, someone different from man, because all women in Canada want to be totally equal to men in every aspect and area of life.

I found out that there are more broken homes in Canada now than ever before and that easier divorce laws are being introduced by our government which will cause more families to be broken up even easier.

In other words, I am discovering that Canadian society and family living is quickly going down the tubes, leaving an irresponsible, selfish and negative people who seem to be struggling only for their own so-called rights, not caring that they are stamping all over other people’s rights in the process.

I am young, I have a whole life to live in Canada yet. I want to bring children into a country that loves life, not kills it; that recognizes that women are different but values them for the role they play in holding the family, the backbone of our country, together; and that recognizes God and our freedom to serve him.

R.E.A.L. Women is positive; it is pro-life and pro-family; it is excited and eager to present the REAL issues of women in Canada to the government. I want to challenge every young woman to act before it’s too late – get involved, find out what’s going on by going to a few women’s meetings, and then join R.E.A.L. Women to protect your REAL rights and freedoms.