Comatose patients could be used for experiments

MELBOURNE – An Australian medical official has suggested using incapacitated patients – people in a so-called permanent vegetative states – for medical experiments. Dr. Steven Curry, of the University of Melbourne, says that, “Those who are in a PVS … have no continuing interest in their own survival,” and thus could benefit others.

U.S. Supreme Court refuses abortion appeal

WASHINGTON – The United States Supreme Court has rejected an attempt by Sandra Cano, the unidentified plaintiff in Doe v. Bolton, a landmark abortion ruling decided at the same time as Roe v. Wade in 1973. Together, they established a legal right to abortion in the United States by limiting state restrictions of the procedure. Cano has since said she was misled and in her affidavit noted: “What I received was something I never requested – the legal right to abort my child.” The basis of the appeal to overturn the precedent-setting decision was based, in part, on Cano’s lack of information about abortion at the time. The Supreme Court did not reveal its reasons for rejecting the appeal.

Aussie abortionist loses licence

SYDNEY – Suman Sood, an abortionist in New South Wales, Australia, has been deregistered by the state’s medical tribunal after being convicted of committing a botched illegal abortion. In 2003, she administered drugs to a woman who was 23 weeks pregnant. A tribunal considered evidence that she harmed five other women, including perforating the uterus of two patients. She is banned from reapplying for medical certification for 10 years.