Our group, named ‘On Campus Pro-Life,” has been a great opportunity of meeting new friends at York University.  Over a period of five months we have received support from many people and a number of close friends have signed the petition for the economic support that as a University club we are entitled to.  “On Campus Pro-Life” is not a religious club.

By creating a pro-life group on campus we have had the opportunity not only of publicizing the rights of the unborn but also of getting to know great people who are open to all sorts of discussion and interesting conversations.

Many times we have had very respectful conversations with people who are pro-abortion.  These conversations have helped us understand their point of view much better and to see the enormous need for educating young people on the virtue of chastity as well as providing unmarried pregnant women with help and counseling.

Also, these conversations have encouraged us to know the scientific facts of this issue very well so that we can explain effectively that abortion is not only an injustice for the unborn but also a health risk for the mother.  To prove that the human fetus has the same rights as everybody else we have employed scientific facts.  For these reasons we emphasize the importance of studying the issue from both the moral and scientific points of view.

The greatest bottleneck is getting students who are not only concerned, but also willing to spend a part of their free time organizing and running activities.  We also need donations and experts on the issue willing to engage in debates and conferences.