Health Minister Murray Elston encountered his first “witness for life” on April 29.  Elston was addressing the annual meeting of Registered Nurses Association of Ontario at the Royal York Hotel, Toronto.

The witness for life was to protest the pro-abortion actions taken recently by the Health Minister.  As well as allowing an illegal abortionist to claim on OHIP, on March 13 he announced proposals to act on recommendations made in the Powell Report.  The report was commissioned by Elston who chose as its author well-known pro-abortionist Marion Powell.

Elston seemed surprised by the pro-lifers outside the hotel and would not stop to talk.  However, Helen Burnie and Dan McCash followed him inside and protested the findings of the Powell report.   Although Mr. Elston acted very courteous to the pro-life delegation, he refused to acknowledge that Marion Powell is a well-known advocate of abortion on demand.  Pro-lifers have told the Minister to expect further “witnesses for life.”