We have been informed by reliable sources that the Liberal provincial government is presently considering setting up abortion clinics in Ontario.  They would be of two kinds.  Firstly, in districts where abortions are not easily obtained, clinics would be set up and affiliated to hospitals outside the area.  This would give them a semblance of legality.  Secondly, within Toronto, and perhaps other Ontario cities, existing women’s clinics (already under government control) would become official abortuaries.

The establishment of such clinics will bypass both the letter and the spirit of the 1969 amendment to Canada’s Criminal Code.  As evil and unaccepted as that law is, it does express some reservations.  That is, the killing of the unborn is restricted to hospitals with specially-constituted bodies call Therapeutic Abortion Committees.  Abortions may only be approved for reasons of health or danger to the mother’s life.

There is abundant evidence to show that doctors on many TAC’s ignore the legal restrictions imposed on the “indications” or reasons for abortion, allowing them for any and all reasons.  A morally-upright government would be working to stop such abuses and not proposing that the law be flouted with open parliamentary approval.  Such actions open the gates wide to public lawlessness and anarchy.

This news of the Peterson government’s intentions is not wholly unexpected.  In April, during the 1985 election campaign, Mr. Peterson announced plans for possible new “legal” clinics.  Speaking in the Provincial Legislature on July 9 – and using the deceiving and corrupt language of this age as a matter of course – he confirmed this plan when he declared, in answer to a question:

“I did say, and I do believe in it, that the Minister of Health (Mr. Elston) will be discussing the various district health councils, methods of having fair and even access across the province for regularly constituted abortion through therapeutic abortion clinics.”

“Fair and even access” bestows nobility on the act of killing.  With regard to politicians, it seems that the pro-life movement stands only at the beginning of its work – despite some fifteen years of activity.  What is to be done?

If the latest information about establishing new abortion “clinics” is true – and we hope it is not – we must express our outrage at what we can only term, “Open Season on the Unborn.”  We urge all our Ontario readers to write to or phone their provincial members and leave them in no doubt as to your abhorrence that the government proceeds with its plan, no pro-lifer will ever again vote for this party.  The 1969 treason to fundamental principles of humanity and morality should never be forgotten.  Further treason in 1985 should spell the end of all support from decent people for this party.

If the Peterson government actually introduces administrative or legislative changes to create new abortuaries, we call on all pro-life members of the Liberal party to protest.  Cabinet members should resign to save their personal honour.  They should not even give a though to imitating the abject toadyism of the 1969 federal cabinet ministers who clung to power while their consciences were being violated.