The Ontario government has outlawed the practice of extra-billing by physicians operating in Ontario.  The ban, however, is being ignored by the operators of Toronto’s abortuaries.

Bill 94, passed by the Ontario Legislature on June 20th, 1986, makes it an offence for a physician to charge more than the rates set out by the Ontario Health Insurance Plan.  Any physician who does charge more is guilty of an offence and subject to a $250 fine for the first offence and $1,000 fine for subsequent offences.

The OHIP rate for suction abortion is $95.00 The Scott and Morgentaler abortuaries continue to charge their patients $275. or more for abortions performed there.  Not only do they charge in excess of the allowable fee, the abortuaries demand their money in advance.  This demand for immediate payment is also an offense under the Bill passed by the legislature.