Washington (AP) – U.S. President Bill Clinton signed a bill April 30 banning use of federal money to support physician-assisted suicide – a practice that he said is wrong.

“While I have deep sympathy for those who suffer greatly from incurable illness, I believe that to endorse assisted suicide would set us on a disturbing and perhaps dangerous path,” Clinton said in a statement.

The narrowly – focused measure bars the use of federal funds for assisted suicides, a practice already illegal under state statutes throughout the country. It does not address the broader issue of the constitutional “right to die” or the rights of doctors to help people end their lives.

The measure passed the Senate 99-0 after being approved by the House 398-16.

“This is appropriate legislation,” Clinton said. “Over the years I have clearly expressed my personal opposition to assisted suicide and I continue to believe that assisted suicide is wrong.

Some note Clinton’s inconsistency – banning assisted suicide funding and his vigorous support of abortion.