Following a string of disappointments from the Florida judiciary, friends and family of Terri Schindler-Schiavo received some good news in the battle to save the Florida woman from starvation and dehydration. On Oct. 27, the Florida Supreme Court granted a month long stay to Governor Jeb Bush, during which time Michael Schiavo is prohibited from removing Terri’s feeding tube.

In an unrelated hearing the following day, County Circuit Court Judge Greer heard arguments from George Felos, the notorious pro-euthanasia attorney representing Michael Schiavo, and David Gibbs, who is lead legal counsel for the Schindler family. Felos demanded an immediate end to Judge Greer’s previous stay, whereas Gibbs requested an indefinite extension of the stay preventing the removal of Terri’s feeding tube.

In a surprise decision the following day, which delighted Terri’s supporters, Judge Greer granted the indefinite stay. According to David Sommer of TBO News, Felos is now considering withdrawing from the case. “I think we are coming very close, if we are not here already, where proceeding in the judicial system is futile,” Sommer reported Felos as saying. “It would appear that pursuing any remedy through the judicial system is simply a waste of time … It is hard to see where there is any benefit in staying the course in this case.”

Fr. Rob Johansen, a close friend of the Schindler family, said: “It seems to me that Felos is starting to view the prospect of further uncompensated legal wrangling with dismay. Recall that Felos hasn’t been paid anything by Schiavo since 2002. Terri’s settlement fund is exhausted … Terri isn’t safe yet, and the battle isn’t over yet. Terri will only be safe when Michael Schiavo is stripped of, or relinquishes his guardianship of, Terri.

“But this is a very hopeful sign, and reason to be thankful.”