Vancouver sees the first challenge to very restrictive anti-picketing law

It’s not the first time that B.C.’s “prisoner for the Lord” has been in jail.  Nor is it likely to be the last.  But John Doe, a.k.a. Maurice Lewis is determined to do what he can to test British Columbia’s new draconian “bubble law.”

The bubble zone law keeps anyone voicing public disapproval to abortion 50 metres away from abortion mills.  Lewis sits in a Vancouver jail cell, the first person to be charged under the new legislation, which came into effect in September.

Lewis is scheduled to go to trail on November 2uth, with well-known prolife advocate Paul Fromby as legal counsel fro the case.

Meanwhile, Lewis has adamantly refused to sign an undertaking to keep away from the abortion mills.

“They never would have asked me to stay one block away from the house of that poor little girl Melisa (recently murdered) in Surrey when she was being seized out of her home.”

They never would have said:  Don’t go and help and save her life.”

Lewis has also refused to provide police with his name.

I’m not evading my identity,”  he said, “It’s a question of keeping faith with pre-born people who have been denied having names and addresses, themselves.”

Lewis is on record as saying that he wants the new law “to be tested.”  To that end he believes in “civil disobedience to unjust laws.”

“I don’t believe human authority can make legal what is intrinsically wrong,”  he stated.

But his “crime” could prove to be an embarrassment to the socialist government of B.C. Lewis was caught holding a sign featuring a photograph of the Virgin Mary, considered taboo by authorities.

It also points to the embarrassing revelation that Vancouver Police are recording and monitoring “prayers,” ensuring that none of them mention abortion in less than a positive light.