Five women five shocking accounts of what life is like inside the walls of an abortuary. Abortion – The Inside Story shows the mentality of the people who work in the industry and the long-term psychological effects they suffer.

One night, a few years ago, I was feeling particularly low about my life, the state of pro-life, and the world in general.

I was drowning my self-pity in a glass of home-made wine with a pro-life friend, when suddenly, after a lengthy silence, he crowed: “Listen, Pete, I know what the problem is. If we could only show what a dirty business abortion really is…then we could win ‘them ‘ over. You should make a film about that.”

I knew exactly what my friend was talking about having experienced first hand, the sight of the abortion mills south of the border. But this is Canada, good old Canada, where regulating every imaginable aspect of life is the country’s favourite national sport (after hockey).

And so in Canada we “pride” ourselves that the great majority of abortions are performed in hospitals with “car, compassion and understanding” and other such rot, and backed financially by a medical plan that is he envy of the western world!

You and I know it’s a dirty business. Trouble is, in Canada it simply doesn’t show up dirty. It’s kept well hidden inside the bowels of our care-giving hospitals, operating behind a cloak of truly necessary medical activity. No, in Canada we like things pristine, quiet, and, if remotely troublesome, out of the way.

If we are good in Canada at hiding our sins, then our neighbours to the south are experts at shouting theirs from the rooftops. No American can ever claim in court—like the Nazis after World War II—that they have never heard of abortion.

In the US, abortion is literally everywhere. Unless you walk around with blinders on, you can not help but notice the literally dozens of abortion services advertised in the daily paper, to page after page of half-page ads in the yellow pages, to highway billboards and even radio commercials.

Unlike Canada, where abortion is still seen as a “medical procedure,” in the United States abortion is viewed as a fundamental women’s right and anyone who wants to provide this service is welcome to provide it. It’s open season with few, if any, rules attached. And so, over the last two decades, an “industry” has grown up, not unlike Ford, Panasonic or Kodak, driven to maximize profits on investment by providing an excellent product or service. In this case the surgical disposal of little Americans-in-the-womb.

Now enter Joseph Scheidler: the man with the hat; the Orson Welles of the American Pro-Life moment; the quiet, unshakable voice for the unborn, about to score a hat trick. (Those of you who follow hockey know what I am talking about.) He is about to show us, not another book, but a video. He presses play on the VCR, and for once, Joe doesn’t do the talking. He leaves the talking to five attractive, middle-class women who have worked in the US abortion industry and in the end couldn’t take it anymore—the deceit, the lies, the corruption , the smell of death.

These smart-looking women worked as nurses, receptionists or so-called counselors, whose sole job was selling abortions to unsuspecting women. They tell their deeply disturbing stories calmly, simply and from the heart. One woman, Joy Davis, tells of her greed for money as she worked her way up from receptionist to performing abortions herself after only a few hours of in-house training by the abortionist she worked for. This way the “clinic” could handle twice the load and, of course, double the profits!

Ironically, Joy, despite her lack of any formal medical training, turned out to be the better abortionist until one day something went wrong.

Another woman, Luhra Tivis, is scarred for life, as she recalls how after three years, she still can’t cook or enter a restaurant, because no matter how hard she tries, she can’t forget the smell of the babies burning in the clinic’s incinerator.

As these women talk candidly about what it was like working in the industry, their faces speak volumes about what they have witnessed and the lasting effect these sordid, heart-breaking experiences have had on their lives.

If you are looking for eye candy then this is not the video for you. But if you are looking for an insight into the mentality of the people who work in the abortion industry and the effect constant killing has on women over a period of time then this video is your answer in more way than one.

Abortion, The Inside Story, is one of the most effective pro-life tools to come along in quite some time. My reasoning is two-fold. One—you can show this video to your friends, colleges, fellow worshippers without seeming to push your personal “agenda” because the video only gives a taste of what the abortion industry is really all about without going into the morality of the abortion issue.

And two—the video, in an indirect but very powerful way, informs your friends what prolifers have so staunchly been fighting for all these years. And if your friend, handing back your video, still shaking her head, says, “but this only happens in the States,” you quickly counter with, “Ah, but we just hide it better. This is Canada, you know!” And I bet you dollars to donuts your friend immediately agrees. Because, truthfully, isn’t that how we do things in Canada, laid back, in the background and out-of-sight?

And, by the way, for those of you who don’t follow hockey and don’t know what a hat trick is, well, it goes like this. At one time, any Toronto Maple Leaf who was lucky enough to score three goals in a game, received a beautiful fedora absolutely free from Sammy’s on Spadina Avenue, hatter to the likes of Frank Sinatra, George Burns, etc..

So, Joe, next time you are in town, don’t forget to pass by Sammy’s and pick up your free hat. Just say, I sent you!