The Ontario legislature will vote on Bill 13 today. (See past Interim coverage of Bill 13, but especially this editorial.)  Also today, Camilla Gunnarson responds in the Waterloo Region Recordto Martin Regg Cohn’s column attacking the Catholic Church’s moral teachings, which Gunnarson says is a form of bullying. There are some people who think the real goal of the Liberal government is to undermine and eventually eliminate the Catholic school system. Even if it doesn’t go that far, the bullying of schools to accept a gay agenda will effectively neuter the Catholicity of the separate school system by denying it the ability to uphold its moral teachings.

One last note political note. As Campaign Life Coalition’s Jack Fonseca recently argued, by pushing this socially radical and anti-Catholic bill, Dalton McGuinty might become to the provincial Liberals what Paul Martin, Stephane Dion, and Michael Ignatieff are to the federal Liberals: the architect of the party’s decline into irrelevance. Most notably, Liberal support among certain ethnic groups might fall due to McGuinty’s narrow social vision. If the provincial Liberals want to avoid the same fate as their federal cousins, they should embrace a Big Tent philosophy that permits a diversity of views on social issues, especially the mainstream traditional moral values of many immigrants.