Alberta’s test tube baby clinic

Welcome to Orwell’s 1984!  Did you know that taxes are being used to provide funding for a research project which permits scientists Dr. Renee Martin of the Medical Genetics Clinic at Calgary’s Children Hospital to study the effects of fertilizing Hamster Ova with Human Sperm!!  Apparently “inter-species fertilization” must be cleared through the Ethics Committee to determine whether the work has “appropriate therapeutic value.”  Does your mind boggle at an Ethics Committee which would even consider such experiments?

This same Ethics Committee chaired by University of Calgary’s assistant dean of medicine, Dr. T. Douglas Kinsella, has produced a set of criteria which is used to select the participants in the in vitro fertilization program.  Couples must reside in southern Alberta, but they Need Not Be Legally Married To Each Other, there must be no more than one child at home, and there must be irreversible damage to the woman’s fallopian tubes, (It does not specify whether a tubal ligation performed earlier is cause for disqualification).  Dr. Kinsella is quoted in the Alberta Report, (April 16, 1984) as saying, “There is still a great deal of debate as to when the embryo becomes human.”

In spite of this uncertainty, the experiments continue with tax money.  One would think that the job of an Ethics Committee would be to “err on the side of life” because reason and logic support what Biology has proven; there is absolutely no argument that gametes from each parent unite to form a new individual of the same species as the parents.

At the recent Provincial Progressive Conservative Convention in Calgary, a delegate asked Premier Peter Lougheed about the Test Tube Baby Clinic.  The Premier admitted that he knew about it.

Please write to Premier Peter Lougheed to ask that the Invitro Clinic and other human genetic research be discontinued because human beings are being created and destroyed as if they were no more than mere biological specimens.  Tell him that experimental genetics using human specimens is unethical and should not be funded by tax-payers.