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Famed Canadian singer Celine Dion has revealed that she is intending to implant the frozen embryo she had created through in-vitro fertilization. In an announcement on ABC’s 20/20, Dion revealed that she is returning to the stage next year, performing five nights a week for three years at Caesar’s Palace hotel in Las Vegas for a reported $100 million.

After the three years, she will attempt to bear her embryonic child, created prior to June 2000 when she announced her first pregnancy through IVF. “We will definitely give it a try,” Dion said. “Doesn’t mean it will work, but we’ll see.”

In June 2000, pro-life leaders were concerned that Dion, known for her openness to Christianity, may have been unaware that the IVF procedure costs the lives of (albeit very tiny) human babies. Although pro-lifers naturally treasure every child, no matter how conceived, and have great empathy for women who cannot conceive, there remains a disturbing question – did the fertility scientists tell Dion that having a child via IVF would cost the lives of some of her other children?