Three judges of the Ontario Divisional Court – Mr. Justice Patrick Hartt, Mr. Justice David Henry and Mr. Justice Douglas Coo upheld an injunction November 7, forbidding Cambridge protestors from distributing literature describing two Cambridge abortionists as “killing unborn babies.” The injunction had been confirmed earlier by Madam Justice Mabel Van Camp, in September 1989.

The original injunction was issued by Madam Justice Janet Scott of Ontario Court’s General Division, Kitchener, in July 1989. It prohibited members of Cambridge Right to Life and other demonstrators from making statements to the effect that two Cambridge abortionists, Dr. Norman Assad and Dr. Clifford Chan “has killed, or does, or plans or intends to kill or cause the death of unborn babies or children.”

(Since the time the injunction came into effect, Drs. Chan and Assad have stopped doing abortions.)

As The Interim has pointed out before, (September 1989 and November 1989), this attack on both the truth of the situation and the civil rights of Canadians is one of the many unexpected effects of society approving abortion.

As everyone knows, apparently except judges, an abortion kills a real human being. Medical doctors who ‘perform’ abortions (an expression better replaced by the term ‘commit’) are professional killers. Henry Morgentaler is Canada’s most prominent professional killer, having committed over 50,000 abortions. He has extinguished over 50,000 human lives, each possessing a human soul created by God meant for an eternal destiny. In other words, there is absolutely no truth to the claim of the two doctors that their characters are being defamed when their trade as abortionists is described as killing.