Youth in Mississauga ON distributed Campaign Life Coalition Youth pamphlets in four ridings in Mississauga as part of a province-wide campaign to Defund Abortion

A provincial cold-snap did not prevent a pro-life youth group from handing out over 20,000 pamphlets on Jan. 14 to homes across the province. The pamphlet called upon taxpayers to unite in demanding that the government cease using tax dollars to fund an elective procedure that kills babies.


“The polls show that people just don’t know about abortion and how much we fork over to cover this medically unnecessary procedure that hurts women and kills children,” said Alissa Golob of Campaign Life Coalition Youth (CLC Youth) to LifeSiteNews.

CLC Youth, a branch of Campaign Life Coalition (CLC) that works to secure full legal protection for all human beings at all stages of life, organized a provincial “Defund Abortion” pamphleting blitz to educate taxpayers about how much the elective procedure actually costs them. Over 150 people, young and old, came out in force, facing temperatures as cold as -26° Celsius, to hand out pamphlets in 24 Ontario electoral ridings.

The front of the pamphlet sported a picture of dollar bills being sucked down a drain with the words, “thank you for paying for my medically unnecessary procedure.”

The brochure informed the recipients that $30-50 million of their tax dollars goes every year to fund abortion.

A recent by Abacus Data, sponsored by CLC, The Interim and LifeSiteNews, found that a staggering 91 per cent of respondents were not aware of the amount of money the Ontario government spends to subsidize abortions in the province.

The 150 volunteers who pamphleted in their respective ridings encouraged the people they encountered to tell their member of provincial parliament to delist abortion from the Ontario Health Insurance Plan (OHIP).

“The eagerness, passion and fearlessness young people have to reach out to others in this life-saving work is, without a doubt, going to help bring an end to child-killing in this country,” said Golob, adding that “the youth are not the future of the pro-life movement, they’re the present.”

“This type of activism is really what inspires me to continue to work full-time as a youth activist in the pro-life movement,” she said.

A Defund Abortion petition organized by CLC Youth has already garnered more than 13,000 signatures. The petition will be presented to the Ontario Legislature in the near future, says the group, who are hoping that their petition drive will reach 20,000 signatures.

CLC Youth is urging people to join them in contacting MPPs and telling them that “abortion is a financial drain on our health care system.”

A version of this article originally appeared Jan. 16 at and is reprinted with permission.