Standing up in front of your peers and saying that sexual activity is wrong may not be the best way to win immediate popularity.

But the 24 young people who comprise Challenge ’94 have decided to take this message across Canada.  Building on the success of last year’s tour, the group hopes to reach 100,000 young Canadians from coast to coast.

Rebecca Morcos, organizer of this year’s Challenge, reflects the energy which the group hopes will wear off on their audience.  “Our theme is saved sex, not safe sex,” Marcos said in an interview with the Interim before the group went on tour.

“We want society to stop giving young people the tools to give in to sex and start giving them the tools to stand-up to pressure,” said Marcos.

There is a certain stigma which will inevitably be attached to young people who speak up on this topic.  “Geek, prude or loser” are just some of the names which might come to mind.  But this group defies such labels.  They are all intelligent, attractive kids who would rather not be doing this but, because of the current crisis affecting teenagers, feel compelled to do so.

Alarmed by the rising rate of sexually transmitted diseases among teenagers, the risk of AIDS and the struggle of an unplanned pregnancy, the Challenge group feels that chastity may be the only solution.  Morcos wants to encourage teens by showing that here are others out there who support them and that is the reason for the tour.

Peer pressure and acceptance play a great role in the teen world.  Challenge ’94 wants to spread the message of chastity to as many teenagers as possible so it will no longer seem like an undesirable option.  The actions of teenagers who accept this message, will be passed on to those who observe their actions.