May 13 and 14 have been set aside as days of mourning as thousands of Ontarians come together in sorrow marking 25 years of abortion in Canada.

The days will concentrate on the educational as well as the spiritual, and will include prayer vigils, fasting, posters and signs in and outside of churches and the erection of crosses to mark the dead.

The events have the full support of the major pro-life groups, Campaign Life Coalition, Alliance for Life Ontario and the Right to Life Association of Toronto and area, as well as many church leaders.

The Catholic Archbishop of Toronto, Aloysius Ambrozic, says he recommends the program “most warmly” and urged all priests to participate.

“We ought to do what we can in order to prevent our society from becoming ‘used to’ the terrible destruction of human life taking place every day,” he wrote.

As part of the commemoration, pro-life groups are attempting to distribute copies of a newspaper She’s a Child, Not a Choice. Organizers in Ontario hope to reach over a million homes with their door to door campaign.  The paper is a one-time effort with the aim to educate people about the humanity of the unborn and to provide numbers of local pro-life help organizations.

As well as the prayer and fasting, participants will try to educate Canadians, of all religious denominations, about the effects abortion has on their country.

They will try to explain the physical and psychological effects on women as will as the impact abortion has on society.