London, Ont. residents pitch in to help Ugandan children

The Euthanasia Prevention Coalition and the Ugandan Coffee Kids Foundation have entered into an agreement for the sale of premium Ugandan coffee in order to raise money for both organizations.

The Ugandan Coffee Kids Foundation was established last year by Paul and Nina Blanchard and Derek Pepper of London, Ont. as a non-profit, philanthropic trust in Uganda. Their goal is to raise money to provide basic necessities of life for Ugandan orphans. There are more than one million orphans in Uganda as a result of the AIDS, malaria and infectious disease epidemics that have ravaged much of the current generation in Uganda.

Nina Blanchard has a long history serving the poor in Uganda. In 1989, after graduating from nursing school, Nina went to Uganda to be a missionary nurse. She nursed the sick and dying in Uganda until 1992. The Blanchards adopted a Ugandan girl named Kayla in 2000.

The plight of Uganda has weighed heavy on the Blanchards for several years, and they have felt called to help its children. In June 2001, Paul attended an international development conference in Atlanta. At that conference he had the opportunity to meet the director of the Ugandan Coffee Authority, who told Paul that their biggest problem was getting recognition for Ugandan coffee in North America.

Paul told him of his intention to set up a foundation to aid Ugandan orphans. After discussing their mutual concerns, the director of the Ugandan Coffee Authority agreed to help Paul set up the Ugandan Coffee Kids Foundation and Paul agreed to sell premium Ugandan coffee to raise money for Ugandan orphans.

In June of this year, Paul, Derek and Benny Mistretta from Capo Brands Ltd. went to Uganda for three weeks to finalize their contacts and the setup for the Ugandan Coffee Kids Foundation. They visited orphanages, investigated environmental concerns (such as clean water), and met with President Museveni of Uganda.

The Euthanasia Prevention Coalition supports the work of the Ugandan Coffee Kids Foundation. The EPC assures you that you will receive a premium blend of Ugandan coffee with $2 from every bag going directly to providing basic necessities for Ugandan orphans. The Euthanasia Prevention Coalition will also be able to raise the necessary funds for its own work through the sale of the coffee.

The Euthanasia Prevention Coalition has agreed to sell the Ugandan Coffee Kids Foundation coffee for $10 per bag (one pound) or three bags for $27. Prices for bulk orders are available on request.