The Euthanasia Prevention Coalition is selling a video that exposes the horror and illegality of a suicide device distributed by the Right to Die Society of Canada.

The Exit Bag Video features EPC executive director Alex Schadenberg interviewing three guests on various aspects of this grisly product.

Wesley Smith, author of Culture of Death : The Assault on Medical Ethics in America, discusses the mentality behind the kind of organization that sends a plastic bag to put over the head of people who already feel devalued and dehumanized because of their vulnerabilities. He said that putting a plastic bag over someone’s head “is not death with dignity.”

Kitchener, Ont., lawyer Richard Marchak told Schadenberg that according to the Criminal Code, it is illegal to aid, abet or counsel someone to commit suicide. He noted that instructions provided by the Right to Die Society seem to prove the case that they are acting illegally.