On April 13, Rescuers in Vancouver blocked access to Everywoman’s Health Centre, the local abortuary, for the fifth time.  Fifteen pro-lifers chained themselves to the doors of the abortuary.

Two were jailed immediately for three months.  Cliff Coutts and Kathryn Davies had earlier been given three-month suspended sentences for ignoring the injunction.

The thirteen others pleaded not guilty and will appear again in court on April 21.  In March of this year, Karen and Jim Hanlon of Langley, B.C. and David Forsyth of Port Moody, B.C. accepted three-month jail terms.  They will be released on June 7.

Meanwhile, two other British Columbians face a year in a Washington state prison.  Jim Demers and Eugene Schmunk, both of Nelson, B.C., were found guilty of criminal trespass in the second week of April along with 48 American rescuers in Belville District Court.

The 15 who participated in the latest Vancouver rescue brings the total number of persons arrested for trying to save the lives of innocent children to 201.