Judge declares a pre-born baby a “future human being, already alive.”

Paris-   In early July, a French court acquitted pro-life activists for blocking access to an abortion ward at Paris’ Satpetriere   hospital last November.

The acquittal was granted on the grounds that the pre-born baby is a “future human being.”

Presiding Judge Thierry Denervoix de Bonnefond de Lavialle said a fetus is “a future human being, already alive.”

Anti-abortionists are therefore covered by a law authorizing action to safeguard life in the face of danger. Therefore, the protests are legal.

Justice Minister Jacques Toubon ordered a state prosecutor to appeal the Paris court’s decision. He expressed concern that the acquittal could lead to more abortion protests.

Socialist former minister Marie Noelle Lienemann called the acquittal a step backward, harming the basic rights of women.