Pro-life political pioneer Linda Gibbons was the subject of a play August 24 at the Trinity Lutheran Church in downtown Toronto.

About 50 supporters attended “Linda” a play written by Trinity pastor Rev. Robert Munoz. The play offered a fictionalized account of the struggle of an individual in out a commitment of Gospel values.

The 40-minute play was written to honour Gibbons for showing the courage of her convictions to stand up by unborn children. Following the play, Rev. Campbell of Choose Life Canada described Gibbons as “the best witness for Christ in Canada.” He urged other Christians to support Linda for her struggle against an Ontario injunction limiting pro-life witnessing near the province’s hospitals and abortion clinics.

Two days after the play Gibbons was re-arrested for picketing outside the Scott abortion clinic on Gerard St. She is now at the Toronto detention Centre and is awaiting a court date on obstructing police charges.